Family Child Care
4211 Duffer Drive, Bldg. 602
​Mon – Fri: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

When the Child Development Centers are full, or if you're seeking a home-care environment for your children, Nellis Family Child Care has the answer. The Family Child Care office provides training and information on licensing for
​in-home child care providers, as well as referral assistance for parents seeking quality child care. With Family Child Care at Nellis, each provider is carefully trained, licensed by the Nellis Force Support Group Commander and inspected by family child care professionals. We want to ensure your child receive only the best in-home care.

Child care in family housing who provide consistent child care for other families' children totaling 10 hours or more a week must be licensed to provide care on-base quarters. Family Child Care staff offer monthly training classes to assist providers in obtaining licenses. Air Force instruction 34-276 prohibits providing child care in your home and not being licensed. Call the Family Child Care office to sign up for classes or for answers to any questions.